4 Tips to Protect Tile Floors From Pet Mishaps

Dog and cat owners will quickly tell you their furry loved ones are family members. Unfortunately, tile floors can take a beating from their claws and bathroom breaks. The good news is there are several ways to protect flooring from this wear and tear. As the area’s premier tile repair specialist, The Grout Doctor® in Ft. Mitchell, KY, continues to come to the aid of pet owners who need refurbished and sanitized floors.

Tips to Protect Tile Floors


Over time, pet stains can become permanent fixtures on tile grout if they are left to sit too long. The result is unsightly coloring that can weaken the tile’s structure. Regrouting is the process of applying new grout to blemished grout. Doing so will remove etched-in stains and other discolorations.


It is inevitable that a dog or cat will have a bathroom accident on tile floors when they are younger. One helpful approach to protect grout from these mishaps is through sealing. The application provides a safeguard against urine stains, dirt, grease, grime and, discoloration. Also, a sealant extends the life of tile floors and helps protect them from tile repairs down the road.

Regular Cleanings

Another proactive way to protect tile floors is through regular cleanings. Doing so will help keep the grout and flooring free from bacteria and germs. Depending on the amount of grime that may build up, routine professional grout cleanings can do wonders for disinfecting surfaces — especially if your pets occupy the same spaces.

Area Rugs & Runners

Consider placing areas rugs and runners in areas where your cats and dogs congregate. These include entrances, corners, and hallways. The carpeting provides an extra barrier to protect high-traffic spots from accidents and wear and tear. You are less likely to experience damaged flooring while avoiding tile repairs.
Accidents happen, so it pays to have a tile repair expert on standby. Let the team of grout cleaning professionals at The Grout Doctor® help keep your tile floors sanitized, durable, and beautiful for you and your pets to enjoy.