Despite Headlines, Aspiring Business Owners More Optimistic than Three Months Ago

May 4, 2022 — April 2022 saw inflation at a 40-year high, war in Ukraine entering its third month, and the worst drop in S & P 500 performance since 1970. Despite all the uncertainty, 59.3% of aspiring business owners surveyed in April were resolute about starting their businesses within the coming three months, and 67.2% were “more or much more likely” to startup than three months ago.

Not surprisingly, 77.1% of these survey respondents see business conditions about the same or getting better in the next three months. Currently, 69.2% of would-be entrepreneurs agree or strongly agree that “now is a good time to start a business”, up from 67.7% in March,  according to the Small Business Startup Sentiment Index™ by .

Of respondents in April, 40.5% say that the pandemic actually boosted the desire to control their destiny through business ownership, though 51.7% say that it has reduced the amount of capital they have to invest.

The most recent Startup Sentiment Index™ survey was conducted April 21-28, 2022.

Additional highlights:

  • Future business conditions: In an acknowledgment of how good business conditions are now, only 28% of respondents believe that in three months, business conditions will be “better” or “much better” than now. About 49.2% see conditions “about the same” in three months.
  • Access to funding: The percentage of entrepreneurs concerned about finding  adequate funding eased to 68.7%, with those seeing funding “harder or much harder” to obtain in the next three months at 37%.
  • Demographics : In April, 42.6% of respondents were currently employed full-time, and 13.9% were current business owners seeking an additional business. Gen-X (50.9%) and Gen-Y “Millennials” (32.5%) were the largest age cohorts, and “Baby Boomers” followed at 15.8%, followed by Gen-Z at 0.9%.

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