Step 1: Contact Us

Would you like to know more about our franchise opportunities? You can contact us with any questions or comments by calling J.C. Sneyd, President and Director of Franchise Sales and Marketing at 1-877-579-9555 or fill out our contact form.

Contact Us

Step 2: Join the Team

Are you interested in learning more in depth information about our franchise opportunities? Fill out our Join the Team form. The Join the Team form gives us more specific information about your interests and background.

Join the Team

Step 3: Request Consideration

Once you have completed the above steps (and are seriously considering one of our franchise opportunities), you will receive a Request for Consideration form via your email. Please click on the link, fill out the form, and submit this form as soon as possible. This will take you directly to step 4.

Step 4: Franchise Disclosure

Request a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)! The FDD is a detailed document containing much of the information related to our Grout Doctor Franchise opportunities. The FDD provides information about costs involved in becoming a Grout Doctor franchise as well as financial performance data. Once you have submitted the Request for Consideration (step 3), you will receive an Electronic Disclosure Request form (via email). Filling this out will enable you to receive the FDD either in printed and/or electronic form by checking the appropriate boxes in your reply.

Step 5: Due Diligence

Perform your due diligence. Now that you have received and studied The Grout Doctor®  FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), we strongly encourage you to contact Grout Doctor franchisees directly. Diligently research The Grout Doctor® franchise opportunity by contacting several of our existing Grout Doctors from various areas of the country. Make a list of questions to ask each franchisee. The schedule of our Grout Doctors, their phone numbers, and their locations can be found in Exhibit H of the FDD.

Step 6: Application Process

You have done your homework, you have read the FDD, you have had a lot of questions answered, and you have completed your due diligence. The Grout Doctor® is right for you. It is time to move forward! Request our application form, complete and submit the application to Grout Doctor Global Franchise Corp.

Step 7: Territory Selection

At the same time that you submit your application, you will want to begin the process of selecting a territory. Using up-to-date demographic and mapping software, The Grout Doctor® will prepare a territory containing a list of available zip codes. You will work closely with us to determine the best available territory for you.

Step 8: Grout Doctor Global Franchise Corp Approval

Once you have submitted your application and agreed on a territory, The Grout Doctor® Approval Committee will review all the information that you have submitted and will notify you of their decision.

Step 9: Final Franchise Agreement

After approval, a Franchise Agreement Request Form will be sent to you. We use this form to make sure we have the correct information to complete your final franchise agreement. Once The Grout Doctor® receives your Franchise Agreement Request Form, your Franchise Agreement will be finalized and sent to you electronically. We will also send you a priority mail package with your personalized Franchise Agreement along with instructions you will need to finalize and return the agreement to The Grout Doctor® .

Step 10: Training

Once you have returned your Franchise Agreement, you are now a Grout Doctor! The next step is learning how to be a Grout Doctor. Your training will be scheduled as soon as we receive your completed Franchise Agreement. We will also begin to plan and schedule your Grand Opening advertising. You will receive 40 hours of training, generally over a 10-day period. Your training covers performing Grout Doctor services, business and financial management, and advertising. Once you complete and pass training, your Grout Doctor franchise is ready to open.

Grand Opening

Once you have completed all of the 10 steps, you are now a business owner and a Grout Doctor Franchisee. Your advertising is already bringing in customers and you are ready, willing, and able to hit the ground running. Your Grout Doctor support team is available to help you every step of the way. Congratulations!